Trinity College Science Society
is the most active science society in Cambridge, providing a rich programme of seminar series, panel discussions, film nights, and other social events. While based in Trinity College, all talks are free and open to all members of the university and the general public, and are accompanied by generous refreshments. Browse through our programme for the coming year to see the remarkable speakers and events we have lined up.

TCSS Annual Symposium and Dinner

Sunday 12 March 2017

Dear scientist, science enthusiast!

Curious about the research that is going on in Trinity College?

Want to hear a bunch of really interesting projects by students your age and some of our own Fellows?

This year, we are planning for you one of the biggest student-organised science events of the year – our Annual Symposium followed by our dinner!

Attendance to the symposium is free and open to all members of university and general public. The annual dinner is fully booked, to place yourself on a waiting list, please fill in this form.

Time Speaker Title
10:00–10:45Sir Gregory WinterAntibodies and Bicycles
10:45–11:05Benjamin JacksonFunctional roles of long non-coding RNAs in haematopoiesis
11:05–11:25Solène RollandDevelopment of a homogeneous TR-FRET assay for the characterisation of GPCR ligands binding kinetics
11:25–11:45Max WilkinsonSplicing snapshots: cryo-EM structures of spliceosomes
11:45–12:30Dr Jason W. ChinReprogramming the Genetic Code
12:30–13:30 LUNCH BREAK
13:30–13:50Laith AlexanderNeurobiology of depression: insights from animal models
13:50–14:10Ellese CotterillMulti-view classification of neuronal cell types
14:10–14:30Guy EmersonMachine Learning and Linguistics: A Tale of Love and Heartbreak
14:30–15:15Dr Arthur NormanDeveloping and supporting long lasting scientific software
15:15–15:55 BREAK (tea and biscuits)
15:55–16:15William GaoThe Expansion Dynamics of the 1D Bose-Hubbard Model
16:15–16:35Herschel ChawdhryThe biggest microscopes in the world – a crash course in particle physics
16:35–16:55James D. MantonASTROTIRF: total internal reflection fluorescence microscopy away from the coverslip
16:55–17:15Maria T. CodreanArtificial Chemotaxis of Phoretic Swimmers
17:15–18:00Dr Malte GroscheThe quantum dance of electrons in solids

You may find an overview of all the talks here.

Annual dinner menu



This is followed by a cheese course, coffee and mints. Wine included.